Know About Emerald Jewelry Clarity & Cuts

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Emeralds and Clarity

The natural inclusions that are found in emerald pendants, emerald earrings and emerald rings, as well as all other sorts of emerald jewelry, are normally preferred to some extent in that they provide greater uniqueness and help identify from simulated versions. The cost of emeralds will undoubtedly increase though as the clarity becomes more, although with this gemstone it is not as prominent as the emerald color.

The clearer and more transparent the stone, the better the clarity, and so, light will pass through easier and provide more luster and sparkle.

The Emerald Cut

A well cut and faceted emerald, will undoubtedly be an emerald that sparkles and glows more than if it were poorly presented.

The number of inclusions that are found in side this gem, mean that a good cut, although preferred, is not as crucial to that of other stones, because light is hindered by these inclusions as it passes through, and thus, decreases any sparkle and luster. The cut that is called “emerald cut” was invented solely for the intention to show of the depth of color within these stones, instead of the luster and sparkle.

It is obvious that people are made aware of the differences between poor and superb cuts with regard to the emerald family.

Looking at the Cuts of Emerald

Emerald “Fish Eye”

If the angle of the gem at its base is not cut to proper proportions then you will see right through it without any light being reflected back to you, or any sparkle be seen.

Uneven Facets

The overall appearance of a gemstone can be severely distorted if the facet is inconsistent, and so will look awful when set. These are far more pronounced in the cuts that have straight edges, such as emerald cuts, princess cuts, square cuts etc, than they are in such cuts as round and marquise.

Polishing Emeralds

Due to the various components that make up an emerald, polishing is not always easy when compared to other gemstones. The external cracks or blemishes that may well open up wider in the future, can only genuinely be seen by turning the stone around in light, to try to find any dull or non-sparkling areas. These problems when present mean that it is unquestionably best to try to avoid this stone example.

To Wear Emerald Jewelry

It is a marvelous idea to take your Emerald Rings off if you are experiencing heavy duty work or pastimes, because they are somewhat softer than say that of ruby or sapphire, as well as diamond. Likewise, if you do need to clean your emerald jewelry, then, please do not use any abrasive cleaning detergent or any ultrasonic baths that are available, just clean with a little washing up liquid in warm water.

Emerald Jewellery, and specifically emerald rings, although not the first choice of many, will undoubtedly provide some things that all women would love to posses through their lifetime, that is namely those of long life, love and beauty. What better reasons for all the ladies out there to purchase emerald rings can be found..?

Thank you for finding the time to read this short article on emerald clarity and cut.

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My Guide On Rubies And Ruby Jewellery

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In my belief it is important that buying and selling Jewellery with Rubies, such as Ruby Rings, Ruby Earrings and Ruby Pendants, should be only done in the knowledge that they have only been mined under conflict free and ethical conditions.


Giving a piece of jewellery containing a birthstone gem will offer the wearer good luck and protection. Monthly Birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. Ruby is the birthstone of July and Rubies are the traditional wedding anniversary gift for a couple’s 15th and 40th year.

JohnSStewart3 My Guide On Rubies And Ruby Jewellery

To the ancients, ruby was known as “The King of Gems” and comes from the Latin for “Red”. Throughout history the fiery crimson colour caused many civilizations to associate them with love, passion and romance, so since Ruby represents devotion, it is an excellent choice for an Ruby Engagement Ring or Ruby Eternity Ring.

The Ruby legend and Lore

Ruby is said to bring particularly good luck to gamblers and lovers and some stories from India suggest those who wore the ruby rings on the left hand would possess magical powers!

Some people thought the ruby just to be associated with the sun, but others thought it also to be linked to healing, happiness, devotion, courage, generosity, inspiration, prosperity and happiness, as well as love and romance! Some ancient cultures are known to have worn ruby jewellery during battle because it was thought to increase strength and valor during battle, and render the wearer to less harm or danger. Some cultures even ground it to a fine powder and digested it because it was thought to aid in digestive and stomach disorders, as well as blood decease and stop bleeding.

In approximately 200BC the earliest trading of ruby was recorded when it was being transported along the North Silk Road from China towards Turkey.

In the country of England, it has been consistently used as a coronation ring among Royals, and the Duchess of York was given an exquisite example by her fiance Prince Andrew. The red colour of ruby makes it appear to actually look bigger than it is which has obvious advantages, with their average size being generally smaller than some other gemstones. Rubies are one of the scarcest of all precious gems and this means that they can always command higher prices.

In modern day some of the applications for ruby include: turntable styluses, wristwatch bearings, and when in rod form as a crucial part belonging to lazers.

What is a Ruby?

Ruby is one of the hardest natural gemstones – with only Diamond and Moissanite being harder. It belongs to the class of minerals called Corundum – second only to diamond in its hardness. When it is any colour other than red, it is called sapphire. Unlike diamond, which is made of carbon, ruby is a combination of aluminum and oxygen.

Ruby Chemical Properties

The formulae for ruby is Al2o3:Cr

More Characteristics of Ruby

Crystal System: trigonal (hexagonal scalenohedral)

Mohs’ Scale Hardness: 9.0

Specific Gravity: 4.0

Index of Refraction: 1.77-1.78

Where is Ruby Found?

The Mogok valley in upper Burma (also known as Myanmar) was for centuries the worlds most famous mining location, producing many of the best ever Rubies found, but in recent years very few quality Rubies have been found. Burmese rubies tend to be the most sought after variety of ruby because of their superior clarity, hue and saturation.

Top quality rubies, however, also come from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Nepal, Pakistan, USA, Madagascar, Vietnam and Afghanistan, and most recently new deposits in Greenland and Kenya.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Ruby article.

I sincerely hope this article helps you in some way.

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Polish Gemstones With The Model T Kit Rock Tumbler

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Anyone can create polished gemstones from raw materials with the help of a Model T Kit Rock Tumbler. Tumbling describes the action needed to smooth away the rough edges of a stone or piece of agate to reveal the inner beauty. The rotary drum machine is the most popular piece of equipment used for this polishing process. With a little bit of practice and a lot of patience anyone can coax a beautiful gem out of its rough shell.

Agate and stones are naturally agitated by the gentle movement of the ocean in a process that takes centuries. With a tumbling machine, the rocks are handled in the same way but it takes much less time to achieve the results that are desired. Polishing abrasives are agitated along with the rocks to give them something to rub up against. This rubbing action will eventually yield a smooth gemstone.

This method is simple enough for people of all ages to do. The entire process from raw material to polished stone will take several weeks depending on the type of stone being processed. The first step utilizes a very coarse grit and the total time required is determined by the material.

The rocks are washed and the process is repeated twice more with increasingly finer grit. The final step involves the use of a polishing compound like ferric oxide or cerium oxide.

This equipment can pull double duty as a fine jewelry cleaner. The jewelry pieces are loaded into the drum with mild soap and smooth steel shot. They are also handy for jewelry makers who need to get rid of burrs on metal surfaces.

Most of these machines will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Users may experience the occasional broken belt but this is usually due to putting too much weight in the barrel. If this does occur, replacement belts are available for purchase.

The Model T Kit Rock Tumbler has a rubber barrel that can handle three pounds of rocks. The motor is 115V and is equipped with impedance protection. The kit also comes with four grades of polishing grit, a collection of jewelry findings and an instruction booklet.

For more about the the Model T Kit Rock Tumbler we also sell new and used Lapidary Tumblers stop by our online store:

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There Is Nothing Like The Model T Kit Rock Tumbler

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A Model T Kit Rock Tumbler is common in many homes. It is not often you can take a unattractive rock place it in a machine, come back a short time latter and now have a thing of beauty. The first time you see what a difference there is between the object placed in the tumbler and the object removed, you will want to do it again and again.

Rock collecting is becoming an extremely popular hobby world wide. The collecting, studying and transformation of rocks is like everything else, it is what you make of it. Whether devoting just a small amount of time to simply transform an ordinary rock into an extraordinary cherished item. Or perhaps taking it one step further by creating a unique necklace out of that once ordinary rock, is very satisfying.

You will never need additional supplies for tumbling. As long as you have rocks on the ground around you, and access to water you will have everything you need. Cost will never be the reason you didn’t finish this project, you have the tumbler. The most affordable activity you can pursue is tumbling. With such little resources needed having such spectacular results you can’t go wrong.

If you have never tumbled rocks into polished masterpieces before, it’s okay. Your results will leave even the toughest connoisseur’s begging for more. Keep the polishing machine secret and use it for magic tricks, no special magic needed just the Model T Kit Rock Tumbler.

Rock polishing is a favorite pastime of all ages and genders. From the youngest who enjoy the hands on experience of finding that perfect but not so attractive stone in there own back yard. To the adult that enjoys doing research in order to seek out the ideal rock. With little effort both can produce glistening gems.

Professional rock collector, as well as the armature will soon discover the Model T Kit Rock Tumbler is a necessary piece of equipment. Don’t pay for the shinny, smooth works of art seen at nearly every gift store simply produce your own.



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A Wide Choice Of Lapidary Equipment Supplies Online

We have lapidary equipment for sale at great prices.

The art of one who polishes rocks into smooth gems, and than crafts them into pieces of jewelry, is known as lapidary. It is a popular hobby and profession around the world, but in some areas it is difficult to get the supplies and tools needed and that is where lapidary equipment supplies online comes in. Here you can order most anything and everything you need to develop your own pieces of art.

Purchasing equipment can be expensive, so it is best to start out slowly. Beginners can take lessons from local shops, clubs or through a college extension program. Many classes have equipment that you may use while taking the course. Then you can start buying your own equipment as you learn what interests you most and what you need to complete your projects. As your hobby grows, so can you, by adding new tools and supplies.

For many, the initial purchase is a rock tumblers. This turns plain gray rocks into colorful, polished stones. There is a wide variety of tumblers available that work at different speeds, with different rocks and in varying amounts. Smaller tumblers are not too expensive and are perfect for a hobbyist. Some units are adjustable, being able to accommodate different sized barrels. As the stones gently tumble, they are cleaned and with your choice of grit or polish, come out with various types of effects.

To cut your stones into jewelry pieces you will need saws, drills, discs and wheels. Again, there are many models and sizes available; you will need to learn what tools you need. These precious stones can be shaped into cameos, cabochons or faceted gems and designed to fit into most any mount from belt buckles, to earrings, to pendants. It just takes patience to develop the craft and you cannot expect to turn out perfect pieces every time.

In many areas of the world, there are local rock and mineral clubs. There are also many discussion groups online, where people can share their experiences and ideas. Collecting rocks and the art of lapidary are popular hobbies, engaging many different types of people. For some this is a lifelong journey and they invest much of their spare time into it.

Passed on from generation to generation, rock collecting and lapidary work becomes a tradition that young and old alike can share. Hobbyists are feverous about their finds and will trade with others in their group or club, or even ship rocks around the world to each other. They may put together new displays for local gem and mineral shows every year.

Being a lapidary has other benefits as well. You can create beautiful presents that will last a lifetime and who doesn’t like a personally created gift?

There are many other tools of the trade to be purchased from lapidary equipment supplies online including jewelry mounts and clasps, templates, display boards and raw materials. For those interested in going into the field, you can get picks, chisels and even gold pans from this type of store. Educational products including videos and books are offered and all most anything else that you may need to start developing your own signature gem line.

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Jewelry Making Tips To Get You Started

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Jewelry making is a common activity for many crafters. But you do not have to be an experienced crafter to enjoy this do-it-yourself project. There are many classes, books and websites that offer jewelry making tips. The items you make can be given as gifts or sold.

An important thing to do, especially for beginners, is to know the design of the pieces before starting. Making a sketch can be helpful. This is a good tip for amateurs because it can keep them from feeling overwhelmed. It is also a good way to plan the materials needed and techniques necessary. As you improve, you can design as you go, though even some professionals prefer to plan out their pieces.

Before shopping for materials or equipment, decide what style of pieces you want to create. There are many types to choose from. Bead work is one of the most popular. With each type comes a different set of techniques, tips and supplies.

2358501278 4bdac42b2b m Jewelry Making Tips To Get You Started

If teaching yourself is proving too difficult, enroll in a class. In a class, you can learn all of the basics. After completing a class you should know useful tools and techniques.

A great way for beginners to ease into this hobby is to try using a kit. A kit will contain everything needed to make a particular piece. The supplies, design and instructions come together. This is also an affordable option for those who are on a budget.

Having the right tools is essential. The most common tools you will need, especially for bead work, are pliers and a flush cutter. Several different kinds of pliers are used for this type of production. A hammer and anvil, metal file, and pin vise are great tools to have too.

More expensive equipment that is available for people who are serious about getting involved in this activity include a torch, lighting and magnifying lamps, a flex shaft, kiln, rolling mill, magnetic tumbler and an electric polisher and dust collector. These are investment items that should only be purchased for serious projects.

This activity dates way back. If you cannot decide what type of jewelry you want to make – experiment. Take the time to research. Workshops and classes can give an individual better on insight on the different methods.

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jewelry making tips
Looking to find the single source of helpful information on jewelry making tips ?

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